The Artwork of Hell, Part 2

Some more great Hell paintings for your enjoyment:

Rosa Temptation of Saint Anthony
The Temptation of Saint Anthony, Salvator Rosa, 17th century


Temptations of St. Anthony, Bernardino Parenzano, 15th century

Sucks to be St. Anthony, doesn’t it?

Goya Satan Devouring His Son
Satan Devouring His Son, Francisco Goya, 19th century


The Artwork of Hell, Part 1

Here’s a few memorable pictures of monsters and Hell to commemorate the start of the Hell Mythos:

The Kraken
John Gibson, “The Kraken,” 1887

Pope and Devil Painting

Michael Pacher, “The Devil Presenting St. Augustine with the Book of Vices,” 15th century

Descent of the Damned Into Hell

Peter Paul Rubens, “Descent of the Damned Into Hell,” 17th century